Dear Parents,

Due to the increase in children Sexual assault, we implore that our children should be educated and enlightened from home and it will be concretized in the school.

Our children are dying in silence and experiencing emotional trauma.

Children’s Counselling: Follow-up Guide on Sexual Abuse

Kindly ask your children these questions regularly:

  1.  Mention the two types of body parts.

Ans:   Public parts & Private parts.

  1. What are private parts?

Ans:   Your personal body parts. (Your own) That no one should touch, look at or play


  1. What parts of the body make up each?

Ans:   Boys: Penis, scrotum, anus, lap, buttocks….lips

Girls: Vaginal, breast, lap, buttocks, anus…lips

  1. Mention the two types of touches.

Ans:   Good touch & Bad touch

  1. What is a good touch?

Ans:   A Touch on any of the public parts.

  1. What is a bad touch?

Ans:  A touch on any of the private parts (or areas around them)

  1. If someone is trying to touch or play with your private parts, it is called what?

Ans:   Sexual Abuse

  1. Who are those that can abuse you?

Ans:   Anybody (Mention)

  1. Say something about your lips.

Ans:   No one must kiss me on my lips, not even my mum & dad

  1. Where can sexual abuse take place?

Ans:   Anywhere (Mention)

  1. What do abusers tell their victims & are those things true?

Ans:   ‘I will kill you,’

‘Your mummy and your daddy will die’

‘You will die if you tell anyone about it’

‘Your parents will not believe you…..’

‘They will blame you and beat you’.

Parents, at this point, please note that some children don’t tell when someone is sexually abusing them because some parents can be very ‘TOUGH’ and the children – extremely scared of the backlash from the parents. This is indeed a very delicate issue which must be addressed with the utmost self-restraint, maturity and caution! 

  1. What will happen to you if someone is trying to abuse you and you don’t tell?

Ans:   – The abuser will continue to abuse you and threaten you the more.

– It will affect your studies because you won’t be able to concentrate.

– You will be unhappy/depressed.

– You could be physically harmed and your life could be in danger

– You could contract diseases – HIV/AIDS, please, kindly explain more on this to


  1. What are the things you should & should not do to avoid been sexually abused?

Ans: – Don’t go anywhere without your parent’s consent.

– Don’t talk to strangers.

– Don’t allow anyone lie on you.

– Don’t allow anyone tell you to put off your clothes/pants.

– No one must ever touch or play with your private parts.

– You must tell at any attempt by anyone.

– SCREAM, RUN, REPORT……..and so on


kindly take note of the following actions  which these young ones accused some parents of :

  • Watching films where kissing & other intimate actions occur ……
  • Dressing up in their presence.
  • Bathing them together in the bathroom, either same sex or opposite sex ( very wrong)
  • Sometimes leaving them naked in front of other siblings.
  • Entrusting them with people.

Please, take note of all these and avoid them and other similar unhelpful practices.

Conclusively, please let everyone be vigilant in looking after our kids.

We must never be negligent regarding them and also know that No one, may be absolutely trusted with our kids. But, since you cannot always be with them all the time, please do review the session with them at least every month. 

This will immunize them against becoming victims of terrible predators waiting out there to prey on their innocence.

May the Almighty God protect us all and our families from evil

Thank you all and God Bless.



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