The name ULWS School is synonymous with EXCELLENCE.
Below are some of the laurels/achievements of our immediate past year six pupils.
A) International Mathematics Competition (Pan-Asia International School Thailand) – 1600 candidates from over 70 countries wrote the exam. Our three pupils that sat for the exam came out excellently. Oni Oluwabukunmi won Gold medal, Jayden Danauta won silver medal and Luciano Angelo-Hyuwa won bronze medal.
B) Chrisland Schools Entrance Examination 2020 -Oni Oluwabukunmi came 2nd in Chrisland School Ikeja and 4th overall in all Chrisland schools nationwide. He did excellently during scholarship interview. He was given 100% scholarship.
C) The Ultimate Mathematics Ambassador (TUMA) 2020:  Ojo Modupeoluwa came 2nd overall out of over 1000 pupils in Lagos and Ogun state. Two other pupils were in the first 50.
D) St Finbarrs Schools Entrance Examination 2020 – Ojo Modupeoluwa came 1st overall.
E) Supreme Maths Edge Challenge 2020 (SMEC) – Two of our pupils (Oni Oluwabukunmi and Jayden Danauta) were in the first 20 out of over 500 pupils
F) International school University of Ibadan Entrance Examination 2020- Oni Oluwabukunmi came 1st overall while Danauta Jayden and Salawu Ibrahim came 3rd and 7th overall respectively (Lagos centre).
G) Scholars Universal School Ota Entrance Examination 2020 – Oni Oluwabukunmi, Jayden Danauta, Luciano Angelo-Hyuwa and Salami Fareedah were given scholarship due to their excellent performance in Wizkid 2020 Mathematics competition.
H) Annual National Mathematics Competition (ANMC)
ANMC – 11 of our pupils were in the first 500 out of over 6000 pupils that wrote ANMC in Lagos state. They were all given scholarship to study at any Branch of Nigeria Tulip International College of their
I) International school University of Lagos Entrance Examination 2020: Oni Oluwabukunmi came 1st overall.
In ULWS School, we make a difference in the life of every child.

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