Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN) Competition 2021

To God be the Glory for another Success Story in ULWS School !!!
Some of our pupils Participated in 2021 edition of Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN) Competition. About 700 Pupils from different Primary schools in Lagos State participated in the Competition.
Four(4) of our pupils are among the top ten performers.
1. Akere Lois(Head Girl) came 2nd with 95%
2. Oyerinde Damaris (Asst. Head Girl) came 4th with 89%
3. Danauta Tehila came 6th with 84%
4. Olisa Paul (Head Boy) came 7th with 82%.
The best four performers will represent Lagos State at the National MAN Competition in August 2021. Two of them (Akere Oluwayemi Lois and Oyerinde Damaris Oluwasemilore) are from ULWS School.
In ULWS School, we make difference in the life of every child.
Congratulations to the Pupils, Parents, Board members and ULWS Staff.

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