TUMA 2021 (The Ultimate Mathematics Competition)

New Day, New Success, New Awards, New Feathers of Excellence!!!!!!
This is our story in ULWS School.
Three of our pupils participated in the just concluded ‘The Ultimate Mathematics Competition’ (TUMA) 2021, an annual Mathematics competition organised by The Ambassadors Schools, Ota.
The competition was in three stages:
Stage 1: General Stage
Five hundred and eighty nine pupils from different schools sat for this stage.
Stage 2: Top Performers
The best One hundred and fifty candidates from stage 1 proceeded to this stage. All our candidates made it.
Stage 3: The best 10 contestants from stage 2 qualified for the final stage. All our contestants made it.
The final stage of the competition and presentation of awards took place on Thursday 18th February 2021 at Ambassadors School, all our participants were awarded for their excellent performance.
Oyerinde Damaris Oluwasemilore came 2nd overall, she was awarded Three hundred thousand naira (N300,000), two medals, a certificate of merit, a plaque and a school bag.
Akere Oluwayemi Lois came 3rd overall, she was awarded two hundred thousand naira (N200,000), a certificate of merit, two medals, a plaque and a school bag.
Usman Salih Enesi came 8th position, he was awarded fifty thousand naira (N50,000), 1 medal, a certificate of merit and a school bag.
The school got a laptop, printer and text books.
In ULWS School, we make a difference in the life of every child.
God bless ULWS School board, staff, pupils and parents.

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